New global system to monitor attacks on health care

The surveillance system for attacks on health care (SSA) collects data on attacks on health care wherever they occur in the world and monitors their impact on the affected population’s health, all using a standardized approach.

The tool is aimed at various audiences. These include, of course, health-care personnel and those responsible for the security of health facilities, but also international and national governmental and non-governmental organizations, academics and anyone else interested in this issue.

Through the data collected, we hope to gain a better understanding of the global trends and patterns of this kind of violence, the nature of the attacks, and their repercussions on the delivery of health care. The WHO draws on such information to bolster the current advocacy campaign to end attacks on health care and raise awareness of the relevant rules of international humanitarian law. The ultimate goal is to galvanize action to safeguard health-care services.

Source : ICRC

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