How does law protect in war? Online has an improved look and new case studies

The ICRC has overhauled and improved the website of How Does Law Protect In War? Online. The new website has a more user-friendly design and structure and is now accessible on mobile and tablet. Besides, new side navigation menus make browsing through more than 300 real life case studies easier than ever.

How does law protect in war? is the ICRC’s core publication on teaching international humanitarian law (IHL). It provides academics, researchers and students with a wealth of resources, cases and references. New case studies are being updated on a regular basis.

The website is updated with recent case studies, which provides a better insight to how international humanitarian law is implemented in contemporary conflicts. The new case studies include the 2011 NATO intervention in Libya, sexual violence by peacekeeping forces in the Central African Republic and the attack on Kunduz Trauma Centre in Afghanistan among others.

Source : ICRC
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