Diplôme de droit international humanitaire

Based on successful collaboration with the Institut de Droit de la Paix et du Développement (IDPD) of the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France), which has provided specific post-graduate programmes on International Humanitarian Law and Refugee Law since 2005, the Institute is now delivering a new Diploma in International Humanitarian Law.
The Diploma, jointly organized with the IDPD, has been tailored for both students and professionals from International Organizations (intergovernmental and non-governmental). The courses, held in English and French, cover theoretical and practical aspects of international humanitarian law, human rights and refugee law and will take place in part at the IDPD – University of Nice and in part at the Institute’s official seat of Villa Ormond in Sanremo. Teachings are available in both residential and distance learning modalities.
The residential option will consist of a series of training modules/courses which have to be attended in both Sanremo and Nice. Training modules in Sanremo will provide practical notions of international humanitarian law and refugee law, while courses in Nice will focus on disarmament, non-proliferation, use of force and international security. Schedules of courses and training modules are available below.
The Diploma in distance learning will provide the same training modules/courses as the residential one and is available through an e-learning platform allowing students to learn in full autonomy although it will be possible to contact resource persons if assistance and/or clarification are needed.
The selection procedure is based on the evaluation of the application forms, available below, which have to be sent either to the Institute in Sanremo or to the  Institut de Droit de la Paix et du Developpement of the University of Nice. Registration deadline is 25 October 2013.
Source : iihl.org
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