Advanced Course on the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC)

Advanced Course on the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC)
1- 5 October 2012
, Sanremo
The Advanced Course on Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) is conducted in either English or French. The Courses will run concurrently from 3 – 7October 2011. These courses provide a practical and contemporaneous consideration, at an advanced level, of LOAC issues with a particular focus on those impacting on interoperability in multinational operations. 
Course Duration
The length of the course will be an ONE WEEK period (as opposed to 2 weeks previously) and in order to maintain the high standard, it is run on an intensive timetable to ensure all material is fully covered in a shorter period.
Course Approach
Each course is broken into three phases. Phase 1, a review of the current developments in the LOAC Framework. Phase 2, a consideration of Current LOAC Issues during Military Operations. Phase 3, Transitional Military Operations and the increasingly complex and sophisticated legal framework applicable to operations conducted in that context.
Why attend this course?
Our Advanced Course has recently been revised by our Teaching Advisory Group to ensure it is fully up-to-date and relevant to today’s Operational Law Legal Advisor. The Teaching Staff and Guest Lecturers are drawn from experienced senior military legal officers, leading academics practising in the field and experts from international organisations. Topics will be covered using a seminar-based approach to maximise the participant’s ability to find outcome-oriented solutions through the application of the relevant IHL provisions. The wide range of national and cultural experiences of the participants attending will ensure a superior understanding of the multinational challenge.
Who should attend?
This single week Course is aimed at experienced, senior military and civilian legal advisers and military officers and government officials with a need for an in-depth knowledge of LOAC. Academics with an interest in developing a deeper understanding of the practical application of LOAC are also welcome to attend.
Given that this course is at an Advanced level and will be run as on an Intensive timetable, it is assumed that participants will already have a very sound knowledge of basic LOAC principles and rules and be able to apply these in a practical context.
Course fee: € 1500
The Course fee covers all tuition, teaching materials, lunch and refreshments on all working days, a reception, a diploma, course photograph and Institute plaque. Transfers to/from Nice airport are charged at an extra 32€ one way, 64€ return. Whilst at the Institute, participants have access to free internet and wi-fi facilities.
Source : IIHL
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