Workshop on Non-International Armed Conflict

The International Institute of Humanitarian Law (IIHL) will host its inaugural Non-International Armed Conflict (NIAC) Workshop between the 21st – 23rd of May, 2012 at Villa Ormond in Sanremo, Italy.  The Workshop is a specialised course, which will examine the complex and often ambiguous legal regime applicable to NIAC, and the impact this uncertainty has on the operations of military, government, and non-government organisations (NGOs).  The Workshop will have seminar-type presentations, which explore the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) applicable to NIAC; the role that International Human Rights Law (IHRL) plays in NIAC; the thresholds triggering the various legal regimes; the different national and international views on the scope of NIAC; the legal status of actors in NIAC; the legal issues surrounding detention of persons; the impact of refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs); the access and roles of NGOs; and the enforcement mechanisms available in NIAC.  The Workshop will utilise case studies from past and present NIACs to further illustrate these issues, and the participants will also conduct several practical exercises to further their learning, collaboration, and communication.
The speakers for the workshop are subject matter experts with impressive operational and academic pedigrees who will cover a range of national and international perspectives and practice.  The intent of the workshop is to generate a rich and stimulating discussion between participants, designed to enhance their knowledge and appreciation of the topic.  The professional dialogue and sharing of experiences is a bedrock foundation of the Institute’s training courses.
This workshop is ideal for personnel from military, government, and non-government organizations.  The Institute encourages participation from those with a policy, legal, or operational background, as the Workshop will focus on the important linkages between these three areas.  Given the short length of the workshop and our desire to focus at a specialised level, it is assumed that participants will already have a sound knowledge of IHL principles and rules, and will be able to apply these in a practical context.
Workshop/Seminar fee: €800. These fees cover all tuition, teaching materials, lunch and refreshments on all working days, a diploma, course photograph and Institute plaque.  Whilst at the Institute, participants have access to free internet with Wi-Fi facilities. Travel to/from Nice airport and accommodation whilst in Sanremo are the responsibility of each participant.  The Institute Secretariat is focused on facilitating attendance with a dedicated Course Administrator per course who can assist with advice on hotel bookings (including those hotels who offer the Institute preferential rates), visa requirements and all administrative matters associated with our courses. Transfers to/from Nice airport to Sanremo on the basis of a shared shuttle service can be arranged and are subject to an additional fee of €40 each way (€80 return).
Source IIHL
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