Competition on the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) for Military Academies

The Military Department holds a prestigious annual competition on the Law of Armed Conflict for Military Academies. In 2011 the competition celebrated its 10th Anniversary. It is targeted specifically at officer cadets to offer them an opportunity for enhanced training in LOAC in order to promote respect for the rule of law.
Teams of officer cadets, representing their respective international Military Academies and comprised of three officer cadets accompanied by an instructor, compete in this unique and exciting event. Lecturers and experts in LOAC from various academies, colleges and universities are also invited to participate actively in the theoretical component of the course, greatly enhancing the level of knowledge and experience shared with cadets during this world-wide competition.
By focusing on the application of the Law of Armed Conflict in a practical context, the international competition offers participating officer cadets an opportunity to test key decision making skills in an area of increasing complexity for armed forces.
Source : IIHL
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