Summer Course on IHL

12th Summer Course on International Humanitarian Law  (English),   25 June-6 July 2012, Sanremo/Geneva

In recent years, interest in International Humanitarian Law has continued to increase, and a variety of professionals and students have shown their readiness to devote more time to the study of this branch of law.
In response to this demand, the Institute conducts a popular annual Summer Course on International Humanitarian Law. The course takes place over a period of 2 weeks, it will be held one week in Sanremo, Italy and one week in Geneva, Swizerland.
Experts from around the world come to the Institute to share their knowledge with highly motivated students through lectures and lively workshops during the 10 days of the course in Sanremo and Geneva.
In Geneva, meetings with top-ranking officials and experts are organised at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the United Nations Office in Geneva. 
The closing ceremony of the course takes place in Geneva, where all the participants are awarded a certificate of participation. The possibility for those who are interested in prolonging their stay, either in Sanremo or Geneva, to study a specific subject previously agreed upon can be explored and arranged under certain conditions.
The course is run in English and there are a maximum of 60 places available.
The course duration is two weeks
Course fees: € 1500 
The registration fee covers: Course materials; Lunches and coffee breaks on working days; Transport from Nice Airport (France); Trip by bus to Geneva; Reception drinks and Course dinner; Course Photograph and Diploma Certificate. The registration fee does not cover all other expenses incurred by the participant such as hotel in Sanremo and Geneva, laundry or telephone calls nor any other per diem incidentals. Participants must ensure that they bring with them sufficient funds to pay for such expenses or have access to such funds in Sanremo via their bank.
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