International Military Courses on the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC)

141st International Military Course on LOAC 4-15 April 2011, Sanremo (French)
143rd International  Military Course on LOAC 12-23 September 2011, Sanremo (Spanish with Portuguese class)
144th International Military Course on LOAC 7-18 November 2011, Sanremo (English with Chinese and Russian classes)

The International Military Course provides the opportunity for participants to learn how to act in accordance with the principles and rule of the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC). At the end of the course, participants will have attained a sound knowledge of the principles and rules of LOAC and will be able to apply these in a practical manner over a range of operational scenarios. The course programme has recently been updated to include greater consideration for the practical application of LOAC in the contemporary operating environment.

The following topics are covered during the course:

    * General introduction to LOAC, basic rules and principles and the applicability of LOAC
    * Neutrality
    * Conduct of Hostilities
    * Means and methods of warfare
    * Legal framework for non-International Armed Conflict
    * Rules of Engagement
    * Belligerent Occupation
    * The role of organisations involved in Humanitarian Law
    * Detention Operations
    * Legal framework for Peace Support Operations
    * Criminal Responsibility
    * Training of LOAC

The course is designed for officers, military lawyers and other military personnel who have a direct professional interest in, or obligation related to, the application of LOAC. However participation is also welcomed from government officials, academics and students interested in this subject.

This course is run four times a year and it is conducted in seven languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian.

This course runs for two weeks.

Course fee: € 1500
The Course fee covers all tuition, teaching materials, lunch and refreshments on all working days, two course receptions, a diploma, course photograph and Institute plaque. Transfers to/from Nice airport are charged at an extra 32€ one way, 64€ return. Whilst at the Institute, participants have access to free internet and wifi facilities.

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