Aide Memoire For the consideration of issues pertaining to the protection of civilians in armed conflict

22 avril 2011 – UN office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs
Enhancing the protection of civilians in armed conflict is at the core of the work of the United Nations Security Council for the maintenance of peace and security. In order to facilitate the Council’s consideration of protection of civilians concerns in a given context, including at the time of the establishment or renewal of peacekeeping mandates, in June 2001, Council Members suggested that an Aide Memoire, listing the relevant issues, be drafted in cooperation with the Council (S/2001/614). On 15 March 2002, the Council adopted the Aide Memoire as a practical guide for its consideration of protection of civilians issues and agreed to review and update its contents periodically (S/PRST/2002/6).
It was subsequently updated and adopted as an annex to Presidential Statement S/ PRST/2003/27 on 15 December 2003.
This is the fourth edition of the Aide Memoire and is based on the Council’s previous deliberations on the protection of civilians, including resolutions 1265 (1999), 1296 (2000), 1674 (2006), 1738 (2006) and 1894 (2009). It is the result of consultation between the Security Council and the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), as well as between OCHA and concerned United Nations departments and agencies, and other relevant humanitarian organizations.
The Aide Memoire is intended to facilitate the Security Council’s consideration of issues relevant to the protection of civilians in armed conflict. To this end, it highlights primary objectives for Security Council action; offers, on the basis of the Security Council’s past practice, specific issues for consideration in meeting those objectives; and provides, in the addendum, a selection of agreed language from Security Council resolutions and presidential statements that refer to such concerns.
Bearing in mind that each peacekeeping mandate has to be elaborated on a case-by-case basis, the Aide Memoire is not intended as a blueprint for action. The relevance and practicality of the various measures described has to be considered and adapted to the specific conditions in each situation.
Most frequently civilians are caught in circumstances of dire need where a peacekeeping operation has not been established. Such situations may require the Council’s urgent attention.
This Aide Memoire may, therefore, also provide guidance in circumstances where the Council may wish to consider action outside the scope of a peacekeeping operation.
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